How to Maximize the Benefits of Monthly Facials with Luminis Beauty Pass Membership

How to Maximize the Benefits of Monthly Facials with Luminis Beauty Pass Membership

If you're someone who cherishes self-care and wants to glow from within, our Beauty Pass Membership is your golden ticket to a world of exclusive benefits and luxurious monthly facials and beauty treatments.

The Luminis Beauty Pass Membership isn't just a subscription; it's a gateway to a more revitalized, radiant you. Becoming a Beauty Pass Membership subscriber entitles you to 1 Gold Bespoke facial every month

If making time in your month for bespoke facials isn't reason enough to become a Beauty Pass member, here are more reasons why joining this exclusive membership is a game-changer for your beauty routine:

  1. Tailored Treatments for You: Personalization is key, and our Beauty Pass Membership ensures you receive customised recommendations and treatments aligned with your unique skin type.  This means that you experience results that are crafted exclusively for your skin and wellness needs.
  2. Savings That Illuminate: With the Beauty Pass Membership, Save 15% on off other single treatments and 10% premium skincare and wellbeing products. Enjoy special member-only pricing that illuminates your beauty regimen without dimming your budget.
  3. Perfect your routine: Consistency is key to acheiving skin that’s healthy from the inside out. Having time aside in your schedule that you can look forward to where you are the sole focus can do wonders for your skin and self-care routine.
  4. First access: You’ll be the first to know what’s happening at Luminis Beauty Spa. Early access to offers, events, and new services ensures you never miss out on the latest trends and treatments, keeping you at the forefront of beauty and wellness.
  5. We spoil you: Indulge in an extra treatment of your choice during your birthday month, celebrating your special day with an added touch of luxury and care, so you can feel your best. 

Signing up to our Beauty Pass Membership is seamless, just follow these easy steps: 

  1. Head to the Beauty Pass Membership page. 
  2. Select the Luminis location that best suits your 
  3. Book in your first treatment and start enjoying the benefits. 

** You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. 

At Luminis Beauty Spa, our commitment goes beyond skincare; it's about elevating your self-care routine to a transcendent level. Join our Beauty Pass Membership today and immerse yourself in a world where beauty and well-being intertwine seamlessly.