Luminis Modern Spa Chislehurst

Chislehurst’s brand-new holistic wellness space.

Launching early 2024, Luminis Modern Spa Chislehurst is a brand-new holistic wellness space set in the leafy Chislehurst community, specialising in bespoke treatments that align the mind, body, and spirit, based on the concept that wellness goes beyond skin deep.

The sixth outpost in the already successful Luminis beauty spa group, Luminis Chislehurst's wellness spa focuses on tailor-made wellness experiences and teaches clients the core techniques and concepts to carry inner well-being and harmony into their day to day lives. This is coupled with an infrared sauna to energise, release and repair cells which sits alongside an elevated beauty offering from Manicures with SAD lights to high tech facials using BCorp brand Comfort Zone.

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Love Letters From Our Clients

Definitely 5 stars! I had a aromatherapy massage today and I was so relaxed by the end.


The massage was excellent and the masseuse was really attentive to pinpointing particular areas that were tense. I will be back for this massage again at the first opportunity possible!

Elizabeth S

Had an another hydra cleanse facial with Adela today. She is so lovely, friendly and full of knowledge!

Amy M

I had the gold facial by Imogen and it was amazing, I felt so relaxed and refreshed when I came out, thank you!

Belinda M

I visited Luminis today for the first time for a facial treatment. Rehana was my therapist and was very helpful, kind and professional and knowledgeable in her work.

Tatjana P

Wellness Technology At Luminis Chislehurst

Luminis Modern Spa in Chislehurst caters to people seeking proven science-based technologies coupled with holistic therapies to provide a 360° approach to wellbeing taking experiences beyond the standard scented oils and massage techniques of many day spas. Thought has been given to every aspect of the journey from mood boosting SAD lights at the manicure table, Therabody Smart Goggles to relieve stress and anxiety, to a crystal powered PEMF mat on the treatment bed as standard.

Discover the range of innovative technology we use to make Luminis Chislehurst’s wellness treatments so unique.

Infrared Sauna

Embark on the journey of holistic rejuvenation in our Sunlighten Sauna at Luminis Chislehurst.

Experience the array benefits across multiple aspects of your wellbeing including strengthening your immune system and heart health, anti - ageing, muscle recovery, weight loss and relaxation. Our Sunlighten Infrared Sauna can do more for the body in a more pleasant environment (43 - 54 degrees), than the harsh heat of traditional saunas (82 - 89 degrees), allowing you to stay in for longer and reap more overall health benefits. The infrared wavelengths penetrate your skin and raise your body temperature to have lasting effects on your body, mind and soul.


The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Mat combines two healing technologies that support muscle recovery, promote deep relaxation and stress relief, and help boost your mental and physical energy. The PEMF technology mimics the earth's healing vibrations to promote a full body recovery in conjunction with HigherDOSE infrared heating.

Sensate Vibrating Stress Reliever

Fall in love with relaxation using Sensate vibrating stress relievers. Sensate enhances relaxation, reduces stress, improves your sleep and anxiety by vibrating softly when placed on your chest, paired with soothing soundscapes. 

Therabody JetBoots

Therabody JetBoots offer a convenient and fully wireless solution for leg recharging, utilising pneumatic compression whilst promoting circulation, lymphatic drainage, reduced muscle soreness, decreased swelling and stiffness, and relief from muscle fatigue.

Therabody Smart Goggles

Therabody Smart Goggles are wearable wellness goggles designed to maximise sleep, enhance focus and reduce stress. Completely switch off and immerse yourself in our wellness treatments whilst wearing this device that uses SmartSense technology that customises your experience based on your heart rate, alleviates stress and anxiety, relieves headaches or eye strain, and promote calmness.

Lumie SAD Light

The Lumie SAD Light is designed to elevate your mood, boost concentration and energy levels or help alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The colder months can trigger symptoms of the ‘Winter Blues’, including lack of energy, constantly desiring more sleep, and socialising less. The Lumie SAD Lights are purposefully placed in Luminis Chislehurst to help us feel positive, alert and energised.


Our Favourite Things To Do In Chislehurst

When planning your revitalising session at Luminis Beauty Spa in Chislehurst, take the opportunity to discover the enchanting attractions of the area. Immerse yourself in the local art, delve into its rich history, and savour delicious meals to enhance your visit in Chislehurst.

House of Balance

Discover the ultimate reformer Pilates experience that balances both your mind and body, located in the heart of Chislehurst on High St.

House of Balance

Red House

Visit the Red House, a historic arts and crafts property designed by architect Philip Webb. Take a walk around the grounds or pack a picnic and a book.

Red House

Fitology Kitchen & Bar

Enjoy a fresh and wholesome meal at Fitology Kitchen & Bar with their 75% plant based, and vegetarian menu for brunch, lunch or cocktail hour.

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