Shape My Brows → £18.00

Experience flawlessly shaped brows with our 'Shape My Brow' treatment.

Our gentle, warm wax application effectively opens the pores, facilitating hair removal without the risk of breakage, a common concern with other hair removal methods. Depending on your individual hair growth rate, you can expect the results of this treatment to last for up to 4 weeks, making it the perfect choice for long-lasting, well-maintained brows.

Ultimate High Definition Brow* → £36.50

Elevate your entire look with us.

This treatment involves tinting, threading/waxing, trimming, and tweezing to create impeccably arched eyebrows that you've always desired.

Please note that for your first visit, a straightforward patch test is required before this treatment.

Threading Brow Shape → £18.00

Experience precise eyebrow hair removal through the ancient art of threading. Originating in India centuries ago, threading involves a skilled technician using two cotton threads to gently roll over your skin's surface, effectively removing unwanted hair from the follicles.

Brow Tint* → £20.00

Tired of daily brow makeup? Opt for brow tinting to achieve fuller-looking brows effortlessly!

Please note that a simple patch test is required for first-time treatments.


Lash Tint* → £25.50

Ideal for individuals with light-colored lashes, our tinting service enhances the appearance of fuller lashes, reducing the need for excessive mascara.

Please keep in mind that a simple patch test is necessary for your first treatment.

Ultimate Lash Lift* → £71.50

Say goodbye to eyelash curlers! Achieve the illusion of longer, fuller lashes with our expertly applied lash lift treatment. We gently lift and secure your lashes in place using our specialized solutions. Enjoy the results for an impressive 6–8 weeks.*

Please note that a basic patch test is necessary for your first treatment.

Classic Lashes* → £90.00

Experience the beauty of individually applied, fuller, and longer lashes that enhance your natural look. These lash extensions can retain their stunning appearance for up to 6 weeks, but we recommend maintenance treatments to keep them at their best.

It's important to note that extensions will naturally fall out as your own lashes shed.

Please note that a basic patch test is necessary for your first treatment.

Classic Lash Infills* → £45.00

Kindly note that this treatment is exclusively available to guests who have previously experienced our classic lashes treatment. This policy ensures a consistent result.

Lash Extension Removal → £25.00

Safely and effectively remove lash extensions.